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Black and white vector illustration of business cards with my flaming eye logo and writing on them.



I'm Hunter, a graphic artist, designer, and part-time demon slayer based in the diverse hustle and bustle of Sydney’s Inner West.

My logo. A black and white illustration of a flaming eye. 'Bad Habit Graphics' is written under it.

Bad Habit is my freelance design business, offering unique art and marketing solutions for those looking to bring their ideas to life and develop good design habits along the way.

Open-minded and perspective-driven in nature, I try to follow ethical and accessible design practices, being mindful of my output into the wider world.

Inspired by fine art, graphic novels, and the strange and unusual, I enjoy exploring the fun place where my inspirations meet in the middle – unique monochromatic visuals, bold modern typefaces, and all kinds of killer creatures and creations!

Experimental by nature, I enjoy using my broad creative skillset for all kinds of projects. Whether it's spicing up your side-hustle or making a gift for someone you're fond of, I offer a wicked mix of creative services to cover your needs and tickle your visual fancies.



While I spend most of my time behind a screen, I thrive on the art of conversation and learning more about others and this batsh*t crazy worldExploring ideas and perspectives is extremely fulfilling to me and I enjoy using my craft as an output for it.

Though my rolodex of interests is pretty stacked, my favourites are music, mythology, and ancient history.

When I'm not working, I spend most of my time in an abandoned lighthouse going down rabbit holes on Wikipedia.

If you're interested in working together and would like to learn more about my educational and professional experience, here's a copy of my CV!

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