Dust off your toga and lay off the garum for a while, Veer East is bringing you a little slice of hedonistic Rome without the brutality and macho bullsh*t!

A few months ago I hinted at a ssssaucy lil surprise coming your way on my socials. You might be excited to know that I wasn’t just talking about that lil ol' merch stall of mine!

I know I’ve been pretty quiet since then, but that’s only because l’ve been hard at work designing, drawing, and deferring to my dark feminine energy for Veer East and their upcoming event, Rogue.

The best way to describe what’s in store? Dancing, debauchery, discretion, and a damn good time. Get the wine flowing, the candles burning, and be ready to bathe in original sin, baby!

Located at a secret (but beloved) erotic venue in the Inner West, Rogue values community over publicity and is queer and sex worker-friendly (because why wouldn’t it be, eh?)

There'll be thumping tunes, killer outfits, and fake snakes a'plenty. Just BYO drinks, whips, tits, and wonderful glammed up selves!

When: Sunday December 5th 8PM - 1AM

Where: Secret Inner West venue

Get your tickets here

Free Stickers and Limited Edition Prints Available

To celebrate the launch of Rogue, we'll be giving away free stickers to all of you partygoers just to say thanks! I'll also be selling limited edition A3 posters of the Medusa print for only $13! These posters are available at Veer East events only, so don't miss out!

Alongside Rogue merch, I'll also be selling a few of my own stickers and prints by the bar. If you're attending, feel free to stop by, say hi, and grab yourself a poster to stare into so you can get stoned with me!