As the ancient prophets of Bananarama once declared, “yeah baby, she’s got it!”


Like the goddess Venus herself, this sticker has an alluring presence. With a brilliant pearlescent shine, its holographic surface catches the light in a colourful and eye-catching way. Venus’ face lights up with a different dazzling rainbow each time you look at her!


Larger than most, these stickers are perfect for wide and smooth surfaces (e.g. laptops, lockers, furniture, windows, book covers). While backing is rectangular, all stickers are die-cut around the illustration’s outline.


As this sticker is quite thin, it can be susceptible to air bubbles if not applied correctly. There are many guides online that can help you with this.

SIZE: 10 x 12cm (narrowly fits an A5 envelope)

MATERIALS: Holographic vinyl, adhesive

All of my hand-drawn illustrations  are digitally vectorised in Adobe Illustrator to ensure the quality of my linework remains smooth, precise, and non-pixelated across merchandise mediums